What are some common chemicals found in my beauty products and what are the associated health risks? By The Divine Company – Part 1.

To be truthful, only the cosmetics companies know for sure how many harmful ingredients their products contain simply because, for the most part, the Cosmetics Industry is self-regulating. Only 10 chemicals have ever been banned in cosmetics (skin, hair, beauty, personal, men’s, baby, hair care products) in America over the last 40 years, yet in total contrast, Europe’s Reach Program has now banned over 1330 chemicals.
Sadly most countries are oblivious to Europe’s research.

There are eight major classes of chemicals in everyday cosmetic (skin, hair, beauty, personal, men’s care, baby products, makeup and perfume) products.

They include:
Carcinogens – cancer causing chemicals
The FDA (Food and Drug Association of America) state that almost 1 in 5 cosmetic products contain formaldehyde-releasing chemicals known to cause cancer
Obesogens cause our fat cells to multiply, reprogram our normal cells to become fat cells and cause us to put on and maintain weight.

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Our endocrine system consists of: Ovaries, testes, adrenals, pancreas, thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus. Our endocrine system sends signals out to almost every cell within our body. It regulates our hormones, controls hormone development and regulates our metabolism. It is important to understand and appreciate fully the detrimental impact of hormone disrupting chemicals on your body.

So what are endocrine disrupting chemicals?

Endocrine disrupting chemicals are synthetic hormones – Xeno Estrogens, which mimic the female hormone estrogen. These chemicals once in the body send the endocrine system into disarray. These chemicals, as you will see below where I identify specific hormone-disrupting chemicals are equally detrimental to men, women, children and the planet.

Neuro toxic Chemicals

Are substances that alter the structure and function of the nervous system. They are in particular toxic to the brain.
Chemicals toxic to your immune system

Manmade chemicals that are particularly damaging to your immune system


Teratogens are chemicals that can cause birth, embryo defects and abnormal fetal development. Alcohol Denatured found in many hand sanitisers are suspected as being teratogens.

Reproductive and Developmental Toxins

Reproductive toxicity includes the toxic effects of a substance on the reproductive ability of an organism and the development of its offspring. Reproductive toxicity is defined by the Globally Harmonized System (GHS; rev. 5) as “adverse effects [of chemicals] on sexual function and fertility in adult males and females, as well as developmental toxicity in the offspring”.