Massage is an ancient form of healing, which was used for thousands of years to offer relief from pain, boost energy and rejuvenate muscles. Today massage is still one of the best ways to reduce stress levels and relieve pain.

There are very strong indications that massage is beneficial in numerous muscle tissue conditions. The blood supply to muscles increased.

Deoxygenated blood and waste are removed & fresh oxygenated blood & nutrients are brought to the muscles. The metabolic rate is increased & the condition of the muscles will improve.

Massage will stimulate muscles, the brain, nerves and internal organs.

Massage will reduce pain, stiffness & muscle fatigue produced by accumulating of waste stored in the body.

Massage helps to maintain posture and balance through reducing muscular tension.

Did you know regular massage

  • Promote health & well-being. Feelings of vigour & increased energy.
  • Feeling of being cared for, contentment & relaxation.

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