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Our caring team are here to listen to exactly what you want, and guide you in the treatments and options that suit you best. Each service is customised to your specifications, and mindful of your natural beauty. We are constantly working to improve our impact on both people and planet, which is why we select products that are kindest to planet whilst still delivering superb results. Enjoy the convenience of top-to-toe enhancement in mindful, magical style.

Skin Treatments

Skin Renewal Facials
Our skin renewal facials are all about removing excess of a build-up of dead skin cells, increasing cellular renewal and minimising effects of sun damage, bringing back a healthier skin appearance customised for your skins needs.
In achieving the ultimate results, at blend we offer a course of 4-6 treatments as a package price.
40 mins $79
Treatment Facials
Our treatment facials are about targeting your skin conditions and concerns to treat cases of Dehydration, Ageing, Sun-Damage, Dryness, Pigmentation, Sensitive, Couperose, Rosacea, Oily, Adult & Teenage Acne.
Once identified, our blend therapists deliver these personalised treatments for optimal results.
60 min $99
Correction Facials
These expert repairing treatments actively target the skins pasts damage. Rich in powerful Peptides, Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Algae Sea plants and Earth plants to help regenerate, strengthen and restructure the skin, leaving the skin looking immediately luminous, plumped and visibly supple.
80 min $129
Advanced Therapy Facials
Our advanced skin therapy treatments, uses a combination of Peptides, Enzymes, Sea Vitamins and Minerals to give a targeted response to a lacklustre skin. The ultimate response is reducing the span and depth of wrinkles and assists in protecting your skin and delaying the early onset of ageing.
90 min $159


Brow Tint$26
Lash Tint$36
Brow & Lash Tint$46
Brow Shape$30
Brow Styling (incudes brow tint)$46
Brow Styling & Lash Tint$65
Henna Eyebrow & Styling$65
Henna Brows, Styling & Lash Tinting$85


A safe & efficient method of permanent hair removal5 mins – $35
10 mins – $40
20 mins – $50
30 mins – $60

Ear Piercing

PLAIN Stud earrings & antiseptic lotion$45
DIAMANTE Stud earrings & antiseptic lotion$55

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