We are the ONLY Salon on the Sunshine Coast that has Skinlight & Observ

SKINLIGHT is multifunctional equipment for multiple anti-aging treatments, combining different techniques:

  • dermobrasion with a diamond tip
  • lymphatic drainage with pulsating mode
  • electroporation
  • photoporation
  • phototheraphy
  • cryotheraphy
  • skin hydration measurement probe

SKINLIGHT is the most complete and versatile equipment on the market to tackle advanced facials.

We take modern skin care treatments and cosmetic products seriously. 


The most versatile multifunction facial device


Thanks to the physical properties of diamond powder, Skinlight provides faster, more effective skin exfoliation and abrasion. With this feature, we use Skinlight to address stretch markskeratosisacne scarsoily skin, prevention and treatment of skin ageingwrinkles and hyperpigmentation and to perform facial peeling.


Skinlight's teflon tip facial drainage suction heads are highly adaptable for different facial surface types and obtain several effects:
• Blood flow activation
• Drainage
• Reduction of excess sebum in pores
• Blackhead removal


Skinlight also has electroporation head for applying anti-ageing treatments with SORISA DermActif cosmetics, supplied in a disposable roll-on and specifically designed for this procedure. In the electroporation process, the Modulated Medium Frequency (MMF) currents open temporary micropores in epidermis, which enables the cosmetics to penetrate different layers of the skin. This treatment provides optimal skin moisturising, vascular micro-stimulation of the skin and has anti-ageing effects that are obtained in just a few sessions. It is also a very effective, painless alternative to mesotherapy with needles.

Photoporation, Photoelectroporation and Phototherapy

An added custom-designed rigid mask to Skinlight, which applies 617nm red LED light to stimulate the collagen synthesis and vasodilatation (phototherapy), which enables the cosmetic to penetrate the skin (photoporation) and gives out MMF currents (electroporation) for a combined protocol with application of the HydroCare gel mask.

Among its ingredients, HydroCare contains vitamine E, which has an antioxidant effect that deeply moisturises the skin and prevents wrinkles.


Cryotherapy is the application of cold on the body used to decongest, tone and firm the skin for its anti-ageing effects.

Lifting C

Lifting C is an non surgical face lift treatment to rejuvenate, lift and improve muscle tone and give you a healthier, younge

Lifting C treatment

r looking skin. Results are already evident after the first treatment session, and normally 10 -12 further sessions are usually sufficient to obtain long lasting results.

  • stimulation of the basal layer of the epidermis and therefore, renewal of the skin surface
  • increase in collagen and elastin
  • activation of blood circulation
  • skin toning
  • disappearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles
  • improved muscle tone

Is the treatment safe?

Treatment with Skinlight is safe, as it is guaranteed by the Sorissa brand, which is supported by a 35 year history of continuous technology improvements in healthcare and personal beauty. Skinlight complies with all the legislative demands of the Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs, with European Standards and it is manufactured in accordance with the strictest quality control standards (ISO9001 and ISO14385).

Is the treatment painful?

None of the techniques used by Skinlight are painful.

Skinlight Treatment
Includes: Neck & Decolletage Firming Treatment
90 mins $159
Lifting-C Treatment
Rejuvinate, lift and improve muscle tone to give you a healthier, younger looking skin. Includes: Neck & Decolletage Firming Treatment
90 mins $159