Key actives in The Divine Woman range of products

The Divine Woman Salon Grade skincare range contains high active ingredients clinically proven to minimize aging.

Lilly Pilly is a summer flowering evergreen shrub, belonging to the myrtle family Myrtaceae. It has smooth waxy leaves and dark red berries with a clove-like fragrance.

Native Aborigines traditionally used Lilly Pilly for its great healing and anti bacterial properties and ate the berries when in season for the vitamin C content. The Lilly Pilly has good astringent properties that improve firmness of the skin, while its high vitamin C and fruit acid content create great anti-ageing effects to keep skin looking radiant and youthful.

Lilly Pilly – The Miracle Rejuvenator for the skin

This small exotic fruit that smells like cloves is well known for its skin rejuvenating properties and ability to boost skin tone and brightness.

All of The Divine Woman products are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin C and Ascorbyl Glucoside used in some of the Divine Woman products converts to Vitamin C once on the skin. Vitamin C is essential for Collagen production.

Lilli Pilli Extract

– High on vitamin C and fruit acids that improve the firmness of the skin while keeping it radiant and youthful.
– Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory
– Brightens the skin
– Potent anti-aging active. Reduction of lipid peroxidation and DNA damage.
– Promote a regenerative capacity of cells. Protects skin from oxidative stress and aging.
– Improves collagen production.
– Provides substantial protection against the adverse effects of UVB radiation.
– Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles