Key actives in The Divine Woman range of products

The Divine Woman Salon Grade skincare range contains high active ingredients clinically proven to minimize aging.

If you love antioxidants, you can’t go past this superstar!
The ORAC score is over 3200 compared to 585 for vitamin E.
ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. ORAC results are a tool for manufacturers/formulators to make informed choices on their antioxidant ingredients.

Mountain Pepper Leaf/Berry’s ORAC value of 3223.5 is really mind-blowing. Plus, it actually works with vitamin C to boost ITS antioxidant capacity.

Mountain Pepper Berry is an incredible anti-inflammatory.

Mountain pepper leaf contains two flavone glycosides (potent antioxidants) called isovitexin and rutin, which protect the skin from breaking down and ageing and work synergistically with vitamin C to intensify its antioxidant activity. They also strengthen capillaries and reduce dark circles under the eyes.

Mountain Pepper Berry contains a polyphenol called chlorogenic acid, again a strong antioxidant for skin care.

The Mountain Pepper plant was used in traditional medicine for centuries & represents exciting innovations in the cosmetic & pharmaceutical industries. This little berry is packed with powerful actives.

Mountain Pepper Berries are rich in Anthocyanin that help to improve collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This plant is also rich in and Flavone Glycosides and Flavonoid Glycosides – Rutin, strong antioxidants that help reduce free radicals. Antioxidants in skincare protect the skin from breaking down and ageing.
These antioxidants stabilise and work synergistically with vitamin C, intensifying the antioxidant activity. They also have strong anti-inflammatory effects, strengthening capillaries thereby reducing vascular darkness (dark circles) and puffiness under the eye.

Mountain Pepper Berry
– Rich in flavonoids
– Potent Antioxidant
– Potent anti inflammatory
– Reduces redness
– Strengthens the vascular walls aiding prevention and reduction of vascular darkening of the skin area around the eye