ORIGINAL QUEENIE firm hold hairspray 300ml


Setting hairstyles. Can set and forget. Or set and brush hairstyle through for firm hold with a flexible movement.

Lilly Pilly is a native Australian plant extract ingredient very high in vitamin C that acts as a natural collagen plumping the hair.

Quandong is a naturally derived Australian desert plant extract high in vitamin C, proteins and essential fatty acids. Keeps the hair healthy and nourished.

Shake well, spray an arm’s distance away from finished hairstyles to make them last well into the evening.


The Queen-Bee of the O&M styling range, Original Queenie has a whole new identity: a new look and a new smell.
It still has the same firm hold that hairdressers love and can be layered up or brushed out. Now with the subtle scent of peony, my favourite flower.