What can I do to decrease and minimize the chemical burden within my body?

Detoxifying is vitally important especially in today’s world, however, detoxifying simply isn’t enough. Avoiding and minimizing any chemicals exposure will assist in helping to avoid the illnesses that have become almost commonplace.

There is a greater awareness of the need to return to as natural as possible in all things including food, personal, skin and cleaning household products.

The challenge is big corporations are jumping on the increased demand by consumers for healthier products and are, as such “green-washing”. Green-washing means that they (the companies) are using the word “organic” to deceive and confuse consumers and that is why education is the key. Education in understanding what “organic” really is, is paramount, hence why we have taken the time to explain this in the first few paragraphs of this document.

It is only when we are educated can we make informed choices. The simple truth is that companies will only stop making products that are detrimental to our health, the health of our children and of our planet when we stop buying them.

Removing the chemical burden you place on your body every day is vitally important in minimizing the detrimental effects that are now scientifically proven to harm our body and that of our children.

The simplest way you can minimize this burden is by switching to certified organic and committing to, as much as humanly possible, a chemical free home and life.

I have received so many testimonials from people who have followed my guidance in relation to removing toxins and chemicals from their lives, and who have as a result, benefited greatly. One none more powerful than that of Ali Facer who had been suffering from Hashimoto’s, depression and general ill health for 13 years.

Ali Facer 2017 – vibrant, alive and off all of her medication

See Ali’s testimonial below

“Dear Therese

In 2004 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis after many years of symptoms since having my first child in 1996. By the time I was diagnosed I was losing my hair, had piled on 30 kg, was going back to bed within 3 hours of getting up, freezing cold most of the time, brain fog is an understatement and I had various autoimmune issues that were unresolved. My doctor and endocrinologist prescribed Thyroxin and Tetroxin and I remained on medication to relieve the symptoms from that date on, being told I would never recover and that I would gradually require more medication as my body destroyed my thyroid over time. I didn’t know any better so continued on that path until this year.

When I met Therese Kerr in February 2017 I had been eating mostly organic for approximately 3 months after being educated through friends and my new InnerOrigin business community. I was blown away when I heard Therese speak of the endocrine disrupting chemicals in many of our every day products and the impact of those on our endocrine system and hormones all supported by evidence based science and third party validation. Though I had addressed my food I was unaware of the impact to my health of the things I used on my skin and in my home.

After hearing her message loud and clear I went home and removed all of the products that I had in my house and had assumed were safe. Since removing fragrance and products containing the word fragrance as well as removing foods that contain glyphosate my routine blood tests have spoken for themselves. We have had to reduce my medication 3 times and my levels aren’t even registering! My doctor and endocrinologist can offer no explanation simply recognizing that I am overmedicated and need to reduce meds again and again.

If only I had known this earlier, my health and my life would have been so different and I share in the hope that even one person can make the changes NOW to save the pain and suffering – not to mention expense! – of going through this diagnosis and treatment with no hope or end in sight. Thank you Therese and The Divine Company for not only opening my eyes up to this, for providing incredible products that make the process enjoyable – I can see and feel a difference using them everyday – but also for changing my health completely. Simple everyday changes have massive impacts when we simply know stuff we didn’t know we didn’t know.

I look forward to being able to report back that I am no longer on medication at all very soon ϑ

With love

Ali Facer”

How blessed am I to have gone through tumours in my spleen to have come out the other end inspiring, educating, connecting and helping people on their wellness journey.

Much love
Therese Kerr xxx